call abroad using your inclusive mobile minutes


T-MOBILE new FLEXT customers - use your inclusive minutes to call overseas

FlexT plans taken out in 2009 - if unsure of availability, Check your tarriff ONLINE

Call abroad FREE on T-Mobile using your inclusive contract minutes! Applies to all FlexT plans where 0844 calls are included.

The good people of T-Mobile have decided that all FlexT pay-monthly customers from 2009 can call 0845/0844 and 0870 numbers within their inclusive call package!

Available to T-Mobile new FlexT contract customers>:

How it works:
Just dial 0844 570 7990 and at the prompt dial the full international number - and you're connected!  If you have a T-Mobile FlexT contract this call is INCLUDED in your monthly FlexT calling plan, so you won't have to pay a penny extra for calling abroad!!

Check your T-Mobile contract for FREE calls abroad within your FlexT call value:

You can confirm that these calls (to 0844 570 7990) are included in your T-Mobile call plan by calling T-Mobile customer services on 150 or logging on to your T-Mobile account to check your tariff.

Countries available using 0844 570 7990 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week):

Argentina; Argentina, Buenos Aires; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Brazil, Rio De Janeiro; Brazil, Sao Paulo; Canada; Canada, Mobile; Chile; China; China, Mobile; Colombia, Bogota; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Hong Kong, Mobile; Hungary; India; India, Mobile; Indonesia, Jakarta; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Korea South; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Mexico, Mexico City; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Panama; Peru, Lima; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia, Moscow; Singapore; Singapore, Mobile; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Thailand, Bangkok; Thailand, Bangkok, Mobile; Thailand, Mobile; Turkey, Istanbul; Uk National; Us Virgin Islands; Us Virgin Islands, Mobile; USA; USA, Mobile;
Andorra; Bahamas; Bahamas, Mobile; Brunei; Bulgaria; Croatia; Estonia; Finland; French Antilles; Gibraltar; Guadeloupe; Iceland; Japan; Jordan; Latvia; Malaysia, Mobile; Mariana Islands; Mariana Islands, Mobile; Monaco; Peru; Romania, Mobile; Russia, Mobile; Russia, Moscow, Mobile; San Marino; San Marino, Mobile; Saudi Arabia, Riyadh; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Turkey; Vatican City; Venezuela; Venezuela, Caracas; Argentina, Buenos Aires, Mobile; Argentina, Mobile; Armenia; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bangladesh, Dhaka; Bangladesh, Dhaka, Mobile; Bangladesh, Mobile; Bolivia, Santa Cruz; Brunei, Mobile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Costa Rica, Mobile; Cyprus, Mobile; Cyprus, North; Georgia; Iran, Tehran; Iraq; Korea South, Mobile; Lithuania; Macao; Macao, Mobile; Paraguay, Asuncion; Reunion Island; Russia; Saudi Arabia, Jeddah; Zambia;

Albania; Bermuda; Bermuda, Mobile; Bolivia, Cochabamba; Christmas Island; Christmas Island, Mobile; Dominican Republic; Ghana; Guam; Guam, Mobile; Indonesia; Laos, Mobile; Liechtenstein; Mexico; Nigeria; Nigeria, Lagos; Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico, Mobile; Serbia And Montenegro; Uruguay; Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan, Mobile; Zimbabwe;

Please see important terms below




Webster Telecom services via 0844 570 7990 are marketed by Webster Telecom (a division of Premium Web Brands) and are provided by Telco Global. Contract (post-pay) mobile customers may be able to use their inclusive minutes (bundled minutes / contract minutes) to dial our 0844 access number. Note that 3 (three), Vodafone and O2 will NOT offset calls to our 0844 570 7990 against your inclusive minutes, ie. Vodafone, 3 and O2 WILL charge you for these calls, even if you have inclusive minutes available. This may still cost less than dialing the international number directly using these networks, however there are cheaper options than this, provided by Webster Telecom and others.

Legal: Please always ask the permission of the person who owns the line. Calls to this number are free to some mobile phone contract users when they use the bundled minutes included in their tariff. Please check the availability of the number with your mobile network operator. Pay As You Go customers will be charged at their regular tariff. When all inclusive minutes have been used, calls will be charged at your regular tariff (subject to individual mobile network operator). Some countries are excluded from this service.


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