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Cheap calls to Algeria - Call 0844 431 2118 for cheap calls to Algeria at 3p per minute from Webster Telecom


Cheapest calls to Algeria from all UK landlines

International calls to Algeria for just 3 p per minute, just dial 0844 431 2118 followed by the full international number - excellent line quality, try it now.

To call a mobile phone in Algeria for just 15 p per minute, just dial 0905 306 5805 followed by the full international number - and you're connected!

Calls cost the 'per minute' service charge shown plus your phone company's access charge.


      Cheap calls to Algeria

      No account, commitment or pre-payment

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The international dialing code for Algeria is 213, so dial the access number, 0844 431 2118 and when connected dial 00 213 then your number in Algeria! It's so easy for you to dial and save money on all your calls to Algeria!

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Webster Telecom services are marketed by Webster Telecom (a division of Premium Web Brands) and are provided by WaveCrest (UK) Ltd. Calls cost the 'per minute' service charge shown plus your phone company's access charge. You must have the bill payer's permission before calling. For more on our services, read our Full terms and conditions


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Cheap calls to Algeria from Mobiles!

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