My phone is supplied by Virgin Media - can I save with Webster Telecom too?

You certainly can! You can use your Virgin landline whether in an ex-NTL or ex-Telewest area and make big savings on all your international calls using Webster Telecom!

Customers can access out 0844, 0871 and various 0905 rate numbers at the quoted price using their Virgin landline and benefit from great savings.

How much can I save over Virgin Media International call tarriffs?

A significant amount! Select the country from the drop-down list below and we'll show you just how much you could be saving! Remember, there's no account to open, no pre-payment and no subscription - you only pay to call our access number, and the cost of that call is always stated clearly, both here on the Webster Telecom website and, when you call the appropriate access number for your destination, the cost per minute is confirmed in the announcement that you will hear.

Select country to see your savings!

Virgin Media's inclusive packages :

All Virgin Media customers have unlimited weekend UK landline calls (Phone size M) and many have unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines (Phone size L) or even all day everyday free calls to UK landlines (Phone size XL) - with Webster Telecom you can make further savings on your international calls very simply, by accessing our services on our geographic London access number - 0207 124 6666.

By buying £1 call credit with one simple phone call, you can call Germany for 2p per minute, USA at 1.7p per minute, Canada at 2p per minute, Poland at 3p per minute, Spain at 2p per minute, Ireland for just 2p per minute and many more popular destinations!

To buy a £1 call credit for use with the service, just dial 0901 366 4049. The call costs £1 and your phone line will be instantly credited with the full £1 to use on international calls!

Once credited, call 0207 124 6666 - a standard London number, included in your free weekend/evening/all day landline calls - an announcement tells you your remaining credit, and you simply dial your international number!  There is no need to enter any account number or PIN !

For more details on this amazing low-cost option, click here.

Remember, if you experience any difficulty in accessing our services you can always get help from our friendly customer service team.

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"I can now call landline or mobile numbers any day of the week. Webster Telecom has saved me a lot of money when dealing with the purchase of my new house in Spain. An excellent service that has never let me down."
- S. Jones, South Milford

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