How do I call using Webster Telecom?

How Webster Telecom works

Webster Telecom is a revolutionary instant dial service, allowing you to make savings on calls to destinations worldwide, right here, right now - without the need to open an account or give us any credit card details or get yet another bill through your door. All you need is a phone, the relevant instant dial access number and someone to call!

How to make the Call
1) Dial the relevant Webster Telecom access number for the country you wish to call (to be found on this web site).

2) At the prompt dial your international destination number in full (including 00)*

3) That's it, you're connected.

* Remember you can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt.

How you pay for the calls you make
When you make a call via Webster Telecom you only pay for calling one of the Webster Telecom (Just-Dial) access numbers. It is your service provider that will charge you - not us. So for example, if you made a 5 minute call to South Africa from a BT phone, then next time you got your BT bill you would see a call to our 0844 number, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 25p and absolutely no charges from us. Simple!

There is a surcharge from BT payphones, please check at the point of making your call.

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