Orange announce charges for 07744 numbers from 8th June 2007

What has happened? - updated 7th July 2007

Orange announced via it's website and via a text message to customers that 'Calls to 07744 and 07755 numbers are not included in bundle and will be charged at a flat rate of 20p/min'.

Will the charges affect me?
As far as we have been informed by Orange, this change applies to ALL ORANGE CUSTOMERS regardless of the date they took out their contract.

Some other service providers have suggested you will not be charged if you took out your contract before a certain date. However, the latest information we have from Orange's press office is that ALL customers will be charged 20p per minute, regardless of their contract. We therefore recommend that you do not use any 07744 service from Orange if you wish to avoid call charges.

In addition, Orange have now clarified their terms and conditions changes to show that ALL animal packages are affected by this change. In our view, they should have made this clear from the start!

Is 20p per minute good value?
When compared to Orange's standard charges to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 20p per minute represents excellent value. However, we are aware that our customers have been used to making these calls for free!  We have a cheaper alternative available that we'd recommend to all users.

I want to complain!

Orange's charging policies are completely beyond the control of Webster Telecom. Therefore you should contact Orange customer services on 150 if you have any complaints, questions and concerns relating to their decision to exclude these calls from your inclusive plan.

Do you have an alternative service ?

Yes. We recommend that you use WebsterText2Talk.  Text the word WEBSTER to 80550 for a charge of £5 and you can then access £5 international call credit using your inclusive minutes by dialing 0207 124 6666

Step 1: TEXT the word WEBSTER to 80550

Step 2: Dial 0207 124 6666 (standard geographic number, uses your inclusive minutes)

Step 3: Dial the full international number - and you're connected!

Rates: USA 1p per minute; China 1p per minute; India 5.5p per minute; Pakistan 8.5p per minute; Bangladesh 7p per minute; Nigeria 7.5p per minute; Poland 1p per minute; Ireland 1p per minute.

Can I cancel my Orange contract?

Please check the terms and conditions of your contract as printed in the back of your Orange user guide. Note that for most Orange contracts, Orange require you to notify them within a short time of your objection to a change in the conditions governing your contract. Many Orange customers have reported that they have been able to successfully exit their Orange contracts early based on the change Orange have made to their contracts. If you are unsure about this, you should contact Orange on 150 and seek independent legal advice.


Webster Telecom will continue to monitor the situation and will update this page as soon as we receive any further information. Remember, you can use our services 24/7 from your BT or Virgin Landline at extremely low rates.  Compare our rates for the country you wish to call with BT or Virgin Media by selecting the country you wish to call from the menu below.

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