T-Mobile to charge for 07744 calls from 1st June 2007

What is happening?

T-mobile have announced that they intend to cease allowing 07744 calls against customers' inclusive minutes from the 1st June 2007. This means that whereas T-mobile customers were able to call 07744 access numbers for free (using their inclusive minutes) from the 1st June 2007 they will be charged 12p per minute for these calls.

Can I confirm these new charges?
Yes. Details of these new charges from 1st June 2007 are given in the T-Mobile non-standard price plan

Is 12p per minute good value?
When compared to T-Mobile's standard charges to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (£1.30 per minute inclusive of VAT) 12p per minute represents excellent value. However, we are aware that our customers have been used to making these calls for free!

We do have alternative services available which will allow you to call abroad from your T-Mobile phone at a lower cost than this 12p per minute option.

I want to complain!

T-mobile's charging policies are completely beyond the control of Webster Telecom. Therefore you should contact T-Mobile customer services if you have any complaints, questions and concerns relating to their decision to exclude these calls from your inclusive plan.

What is Webster Telecom doing?

We will keep you informed of alternative methods to call cheaply from your phone.  In addition, all customers that have registered their mobile number with us, who are shown to have a T-mobile phone (by mobile number prefix) will receive, free of charge, a text message from us advising them of this change. Whilst this T-Mobile policy change is completely beyond our control, we want to do everything we can to keep our customers informed.

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